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1927 Map of the Arboretum

Data Resources

Hunnewell Visitor Center fall landscape: three flowered maple (foreground) and Japanese stewartia (background)
A colorful fall landscape

The Arnold Arboretum manages a raft of data associated with its plant collections. In keeping with our mission, these data and other resources are available for discovery:

Data Downloads

Arboretum GitHub

Arboretum GIS is available through REST services (more info »)

Current Arboretum Weather

Arboretum Weather Data, hourly and summary data since August 2020 (weather station is called “Boston (Weld Hill), MA”)

Arboretum Weather data collected every 5 minutes between Feb 2012 – past 180 days

Historical weather data [Excel file]

Arboretum-associated botanists’ birthdays [zip file]

Metasequoia glyptostroboides distribution data [Excel file]

TreeVersity data analysis is available here. Raw TreeVersity classification data can be downloaded here.


Arboretum Explorer (interactive map)

Collections Management

Living Collections Policy

Plant Search (includes specimens of accessioned plants and spontaneous flora housed in the Herbarium of Cultivated Plants)

Horticultural Library Collections (e.g., books, journals, publications, archival and manuscript collections, visual resources, and correspondence)

Expeditions Unveiled

Arboretum Weather

Annual Reports

GIS at the Arboretum

Herbarium of Cultivated Plants

Tree Spotters Citizen Science Program Phenology Data

Active from 2015 through 2020, the Tree Spotters Citizen Science program partnered with the National Phenology Network (NPN) to train citizen scientists to collect phenology data from 15 native tree species at the Arnold Arboretum. During the program’s six-year span, hundreds of volunteers submitted over 330,000 phenological observations to the NPN’s database. These data can be accessed using the link below, or using the NPN’s Phenology Observation Portal or Phenology Visualization Tool.

Visualization Projects

metaLAB@acaballeromcguirefas-harvard-eduHarvard – Feral Trees

NuVu – Arbonauts

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We ask that any derived works give the Arnold Arboretum proper credit and notification.

Use of collections held by the Horticultural Library are carefully regulated. Please refer to these downloadable forms for permissions, licensing, and imaging services.

Access to our research facilities and the living collections are guided by these policies and permissions.

All data are protected by copyright 2020 The President and Fellows of Harvard College.