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1927 Map of the Arboretum

Artists Redux/Seen Again: Artists from the Arnold Arboretum’s Website Exhibitions, 2020-2022

Snakebark Maple, 20" x 28" copyright 2021 Madge Evers
Art print dark and light leaves and mushroom spoort

Feb 03 - Mar 12, 2023

Reception with the artists: Saturday, February 4, 1:00-3:00pm, free and open to the public

In May of 2020, five printmaking artists selected for a spring exhibition in the Arnold Arboretum’s Hunnewell Building found themselves exhibiting, instead, in a virtual show on the Arboretum website. It would be just one of many such pivots to come as the pandemic progressed, and completely new because art exhibitions at the Arboretum had always been in-person experiences. With the support and remarkable contributions of the artists, starting with the expertise and variety in our Five Printmakers exhibition, we created comprehensive and beautiful shows online that were enjoyed from computers, phones, and tablets by audiences who appreciated the opportunity to view and savor art during a challenging time.

Following the Five Printmakers‘ show, Bruce Wilson exhibited his landscape photographs on our website. With ponds as his theme, he focused in on scenes of flora and fauna—including Arboretum visitors—through the cycle of a year.

Ginny Zanger shared her visual interpretations of climate change through her stunning watercolors, and Anthony Apesos exhibited his richly detailed oil paintings depicting his observations of the Arboretum landscape in winter. Amy Ragus also reinterpreted the seasons in her digital photographs, shining light (literally and figuratively) on fragmented elements that combined to create sublime whole images.

Exuberant paint and ink drawings by Lizi Brown incorporated her distinctive and sensitive affiliation for the incredible individuality of every tree, while Madge Evers explored the amazing world of fungi in her intricate and transcendent spore prints.

Now these eleven artists bring their work in-person to our Hunnewell Building exhibition space. Although the artists exhibit just two works each in this show, they represent a much larger oeuvre and connection to the Arnold Arboretum.

All rights of the images reside with the artists. For more information on making a copy, or reusing an image, please send your request to

For information on the work itself, or to inquire about purchasing artwork, please also send your requests to We will put you in touch with the artist.

Painting of trees in landscape with stone wall in background
Near Centre Street, oil on paper, copyright Anthony Apesos

Art Print of collaged leaf shapes
Silhouettes, monotype collage, copyright by Arlene Bandes

Artwork of tree in paint and ink
Companions, paint and ink, copyright by Lizi Brown

Art print dark and light leaves and mushroom spoort
Snakebark Maple, leaves, mushroom sporeprint, copyright by Madge Evers

Art print abstract of clematis vines
Clematis Vines, monotype, copyright by Lynda Goldberg

Art Print of trees and leaves
Courageous, gelatin plate monotype, copyright by Mary Beth Maisel

Art work print of tree stump from top with grass around it
POV Cedar, white line woodcut, copyright by Amy McGregor-Radin

art photo of landscape with trees
Tree Play, digital photocollage, copyright by Amy Ragus

Print of oak leaf
Pin Oak, monotype, copyright by Gayle Smalley

Two persons throwing snowballs
I Forgot How Much Fun This Is, photograph, copyright by Bruce Wilson

Charcoal, gray, black, white image of many leaves
False Spring/Fatal Budburst, charcoal on rag paper, copyright by Ginny Zanger