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Sustaining the Arboretum’s Next Century
Building Our Future Through Membership Support
Acknowledgment of Our Supporters in 2021-2022
Statement of Activities
  • Sustaining the Arboretum’s Next Century

    The Sesquicentennial Campaign seeks funding to complete emergency irrigation systems throughout the landscape, launch an initiative to restore the Arboretum's entrances, and add new fellowships for climate scienceThe Arnold Arboretum’s sesquicentennial in 2022 marks 150 years of connecting plants and people. Our Sesquicentennial Campaign aims to marshal support in meeting the essential challenges of our time: renewing the founding public promise of equity in the landscape and combating climate change and extinction. We plan to raise $35M over five years to advance these imperatives through specific capital and programmatic initiatives. As of October 31, 2022, we have raised $8.5M toward this goal. Image: The Sesquicentennial Campaign includes aspirations for comprehensive drought mitigation systems in the Arboretum landscape, renovation and enhancement of Arboretum entrances for improved visitor experience and orientation, and new fellowships for the study of climate science.

  • Building Our Future Through Membership Support

    Arboretum staff offer lilacs to new members who join on Lilac SundayWhile our staff stewards a beloved Olmstedian landscape and eminent collection of the world’s temperate trees, our members and donors steward the Arnold Arboretum and its future. Nearly 20% of our operating budget in 2022 came from memberships and gifts, critical revenue for an institution that is free and open to all. In the face of accelerating climate challenges and the impacts of increasing visitation, the Arboretum refreshed its membership pricing and benefits for the first time in a quarter century in 2022, promising greater sustainability of the program and the Arboretum. Image: Director of Institutional Advancement Tanya Holton and Development Assistant Libby Koger offer lilacs to new members joining on Lilac Sunday 2022, photo by Jon Hetman.

  • Acknowledgment of Our Supporters in 2021-2022

    We deeply appreciate the generosity of our community of donors who sustained our work during our sesquicentennial year. Every gift has made a difference as we continue to serve as an urban oasis and public health resource for the Boston community, and a resource for botanical science and conservation for the world. Nearly 20% of our budget relies on current donations at every level. In this list we honor those donors of $1,000 and above.

    The following list reflects fiscal year donations from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.


    Robert A. Bartlett, Jr.
    Blum Family Foundation Inc.
    Boyu Capital
    R. Martin Chavez
    Alexi & Steven Conine and the Conine Family Foundation
    Janine Evnin Luke
    Estate of Henry H. Meyer, Jr.
    Morgan Palmer Foundation
    Nancy Foss Heath and Richard B. Heath Educational, Cultural, and Environmental Foundation
    Powder Mill Foundation
    Barbara & Edward Scolnick
    Claire B. & Meir Jonathan Stampfer
    Gwill E. York & Paul A. Maeder


    Leslie A. & Peter L. Ciampi
    DaRin Butz Foundation
    F. A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company
    Harvard China Fund
    Bayard Henry


    Arnold Arboretum Committee Inc.
    Carrie Minot Bell & George deB. Bell, Jr.
    Bromley Charitable Trust
    Cabot Family Charitable Trust
    Devonshire Foundation Inc.
    Dorothy Z. & Thomas C. Hu
    Ellen & Duncan McFarland
    Renee Ring & Paul Zofnass


    Alchemy Foundation
    Elizabeth Taylor Fessenden Foundation
    Jie Ge
    Hannelore & Jeremy Grantham
    Jewish Vocational Services Boston
    Elizabeth B. Johnson
    Maxine Myers Foundation
    Kyra Montagu
    Nutter McClennen & Fish, LLP
    Matt O’Malley & Kathryn Niforos
    Daniel Souza
    James Wilson
    Judith & Jack Wittenberg
    Candace Young & Glenn V. Batchelder
    Haiyan Wang & Yiming Zhao


    Chandra & Louis J. Appell III
    Frances Pollitt & Frank Briber
    Richard M. Burnes, Jr.
    Clinton H. & Wilma T. Shattuck Charitable Trust
    Julianna Connolly & Brian McDonnell
    Katie Connolly & Sander Cohan
    Arabella S. & Edward N. Dane
    Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
    Stephanie & John Fan
    Pamela Diggle & William (Ned) Friedman
    Pamela C. Grossman
    Michele & Robert Hanss
    Helen Clay Frick Foundation
    Georgene Botyos Herschbach & Dudley Robert Herschbach
    Joan Morthland Hutchins
    Beth Johnson
    Maryanne King
    Lois & Butler Lampson
    Adam J. Margolin
    Linda Mills & William Butz
    Mary V. Porter & Douglas E. Koshland
    Karl D. Riemer
    Louise C. Riemer
    Susan K. Ruf & Michael F. Walsh
    Schrafft Foundation
    David Taylor
    Natalie & Hugo Williams
    Anne Zahner & Charles Target


    Nancy Budge
    Abby & Peter Coffin
    Anne D. Cowie & Amy Graves
    Jessie Davidson
    Joan & William Dunfey
    Mary Foti & Lawrence Spiegel
    Sarah E. Freeman
    Willard P. Hunnewell
    Marie-Hélène Jouvin
    Emily S. Lewis & George I. Lewis†
    David Edmond Lounsbury, MD
    John H. Lyons & John W. Griffin
    Dorothy Mohr
    David Moir
    Dr. & Mrs. Theodore Palmer
    Robert Hall Roggeveen
    Snider Family Foundation
    Shailah Stewart & Christopher Souris
    Renata Von Tscharner


    Susan S.T. & David L. Amory
    Adele & Lawrence Bacow
    Karen & Grant Bogle
    Pauline Ho Bynum
    Dorothy M. Ross & Blake Cady
    Carol Caro
    Louise Elving & Stephen Carr
    Cathleen & Tim Claflin
    Maureen Danahy & Richard Moore
    Nelson J. Darling, Jr.
    Nina & Mitchell Dickerman
    Jessie & Eric Eisendrath
    Estate of Sandra Shepard Rodgers
    Aaron Fisher
    Marthe & Robert T. Forrester
    Felice Frankel
    Laura Gang & Steven Gag
    Jacobo Gelman
    Grayson Family Foundation
    Linda Hammett Ory & Andrew Ory
    Elizabeth M. Hunnewell
    Clarissa & Walter Hunnewell, Jr.
    Sarah Jackson
    Juliette & Michael Kowalchik
    Tage Lilja & Kevin McAteer
    Robin & Steven Lydenberg
    Susan Schiro & Peter Manus
    Sydell & Edward Masterman
    Susan & Robert Mayer
    Stephen McCarthy
    Abigail P. Johnson & Christopher J. McKown
    Laetitia & Stephen Mead
    Jodi & Timothy B. Meyer
    Charlotte Munch
    Noanett Garden Club
    Mariette & Jim O’Donnell
    Linda & C.W. Eliot Paine
    Charlotte Thompson & Ronald Paulus
    Wendy Shattuck & Samuel Plimpton
    Katherine K. Domoto & Donald T. Reilly
    Lucy Leinbach Robb & Richard M. Robb
    Nancy Sableski & Anne Rousseau
    Susan Sargent
    Sandra Goodenough & Richard Schulhof
    Stephanie & Jeffrey Schwartz
    C. Eric Schwartz
    Catherine Schwenk
    Pamela J. & Marc S. Seigle
    Martha G.W. & John A. Shaw
    Cynthia L. Strauss & Harry A. Sherr
    Judith Steul
    Susan P. Thel
    Mary & Richard Tompkins
    Pamela L. & Alan Trefler
    Ellen & Hadley Weinberg
    Keris Salmon & Francis H. Williams
    Jane & James Wilson

    Thank you to all our financial supporters for your confidence and generosity. To make a gift that will benefit the Arnold Arboretum in this current fiscal year, please visit our giving page.

  • Statement of Activities

    Statement of Activities for the Arnold Arboretum in FY 2022