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1927 Map of the Arboretum

Wildlife at the Arboretum

In addition to a world-class collection of plants, the Arboretum is home to animals large and small. Let wild animals remain wild: observe from a safe distance, and do not feed or touch wildlife. Please help protect the flora and fauna by leashing your dog.

See more great Arboretum wildlife photos on flickr, and share your own.

Click here to view a list of wildlife recorded at the Arnold Arboretum using iNaturalist.

New! Wildlife Bingo

Print a bingo card [pdf] (the pdf contains four different cards) and start searching for wildlife and signs of their activity in the landscape. Check off each box as you find the item. The first in your group to check off four in a row, wins!

Help Keep Coyotes Wild

Coyotes thrive in urban and suburaban areas and have become a fact of life in Boston. They are typically shy and elusive, and will generally avoid people at all costs.

Do not feed coyotes or leave food or trash in the Arboretum. Leash your dog, as coyotes are known to view small dogs as potential food and large dogs as competition. If you see a coyote in the landscape, do not approach the animal and make loud noises to scare it away. For more information on coyotes, visit Mass Audubon or Mass Wildlife websites.