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1927 Map of the Arboretum


Did you know that more than a dozen mammal species either live in the Arboretum or have been spotted here?

Many of these animals are secretive, so you may need to be quiet (and lucky!) to catch a glimpse of them. Also, many mammals are either nocturnal (active at night) or crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk), so plan an early morning visit for the best chance of a sighting.

Click here to view a list of mammal species recorded at the Arnold Arboretum using iNaturalist.

Chipmunk. Photograph by Angela Sciaraffa.
Coyote. Photograph by Denis Carl Robidaux.
Eastern Mole. Photograph by Charles Lewallen.
Eastern Cottontail. Photograph by Frank Doyle.
Fisher Cat. Photograph by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Gray Squirrel. Photograph by Laura Perlick.
Meadow Vole. Photograph by Leo Papandreou.
Raccoon. Photograph by Bill Buchanan.
Red Fox. Photograph by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Striped Skunk
White-Tailed Deer. Photograph by Bill Thompson.