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1927 Map of the Arboretum

Explore with Us!

Mesmerized, Photograph by Bruce Wilson
Boy by pond looking at frog

The visitor center may be closed, but the learning continues! We invite you to explore with us from home or at the Arboretum by checking out the activities and resources below.

Expeditions Mobile App

A new app called Expeditions offers visitors with a smartphone a deeper experience with the Arboretum’s notable plants and history of plant collecting.

Wonder Spot | Flowers Without Petals

Did you know that some flowers don’t have petals? These early spring flowers are often overlooked. But they are easy to find when you know what to look for. Check out our latest Wonder Spot with your family, and look for signs of spring! #WonderSpots #OutdoorLearning #GetOutside

Look here for a fully translated Spanish version.

Wonder Spot | Spring Hides Inside Winter

Have you ever wondered where leaves and flowers come from each spring? Check out our latest Wonder Spot, “Spring Hides Inside Winter,” and look for signs of spring as you explore the Arboretum with your family. #WonderSpots #GetOutside #OutdoorLearning

Look here for a fully translated Spanish version.

Wonder Spot | This Bark Doesn’t Bite

This winter, check out the bark on the Arboretum’s woody plants with your family. Check out our latest Wonder Spot to compare the varied textures and colors of bark, and learn to make a bark rubbing! #WonderSpots #GetOutside #OutdoorLearning

Look here for a fully translated Spanish version.

Wonder Spot | We’re Not All Prickly!

Have you ever wondered how many kinds of needle-shaped leaves there are? You might be surprised! Take a stroll along Conifer Path to explore our latest Wonder Spot and learn more about the uniquely shaped leaves of conifers.

Look here for a fully translated Spanish version.

Wonder Spot | Living Leafless

What does it mean to be “living leafless”? Check out our newest Wonder Spot with your family to learn about deciduous trees in the colder months. Explore the Arboretum and look for differences between dormant trees and downed logs, snags, and other features of a forest ecosystem!

Look here for a fully translated Spanish version.

Art Show | Seeds for Tomorrow: Woody Plants of the Arnold Arboretum

Laura Fantini uses colored pencil to render seeds in exquisite, hyper-realistic drawings. This series is called “Hope,” and therein lies the power of seeds. They are emblematic of both birth and growth—small, complicated, and extraordinary, like the wonderful drawings in this exhibition.

Watch With Us!

Learn about plants and wildlife from Arboretum specialists on our YouTube channel.

The Arboretum on Google Arts and Culture

The Arboretum has partnered with the Google Arts & Culture, an immersive online learning platform, to bring the stories of our plants to life through specially curated online exhibits and image galleries.

Self-guided Tours

Explore the Arboretum at your own pace and gain a richer understanding of this special landscape. Choose from one of many self-guided tours to print in advance or view on your mobile device.

Virtual Learning for Families

Thirty minutes of nature learning can inspire a lifetime of nature noticing for children and their families.