For their first three years, newly planted trees and shrubs get extra care and attention out in the landscape. They are closely watched, kept mulched, weeded, and most importantly, receive extra water. Water stress is the leading cause of death for a newly planted plant. For their first growing season in the landscape, we aim to provide them with about five gallons of water every week. This is equivalent to an inch of rain fall per week until the plant’s root system gets established.

The Arnold Arboretum will plant roughly three to five hundred new trees, shrubs, and vines every year. This can turn into a lot of watering—especially in years of drought—and these young plants are all watered by hand from tow-behind water tanks. We have 300, 200, 100, and 50 gallon water tanks, which may all be in use during hot dry periods in the summer. In addition to watering, the plants are monitored for pests, diseases, damages, dieback, and weed control. We take our young plant care very seriously here!


Gallons in the largest towed hand-watering supply


Gallons applied weekly to plants in their first season

Rachel Brinkman is Manager of Horticulture at the Arnold Arboretum.

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