Children enjoy the signs of spring with Nancy Sableski, Manager of Children's Education
Children enjoy the signs of spring with Nancy Sableski, Manager of Children’s Education

On Sunday, March 17, the Arboretum welcomed families from the program Smart from the Start to search for the signs of spring. Some signs were flamboyant, like the ‘Arnold Promise’ witch-hazel. Others were hidden away, like skunk cabbage and onion grass. We spotted robins seeking worms in the meadow, and we compared the silky pussy willows growing along Meadow Road—black or silver, with tiny flowers smaller than tip of the smallest child’s pinky finger. The most impressive moment came when children used pipecleaners (“bees’ legs”) to swab for pollen in the crocuses at the edge of the meadow. Nothing quite says spring like glowing orange pollen on a black fuzzy “bee”!

Please join us for the April Family Hike, Welcome Back Redwing Blackbird on Sunday, April 14, from 2:00-3:30pm. Search for birds with binoculars, go on a StoryWalk® about wild birds, identify bird calls, dress up as a redwing blackbird, and get a redwing blackbird tattoo!

From “free” to “friend”…

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