Families in Boston often avoid being outdoors for fun when the weather turns damp, dark, and chilly. Nonetheless, when wintery weather came to us on Sunday in the form of rain and wind, a joyful group of children and adults ventured out in the landscape to read and run about, and the chickadees showed up when summoned. Unlike the featured StoryWalk, The Longest Night, there was no snow on the ground but we did have a hidden sun behind grey skies. Preceding the outdoor adventure was an indoor activity making paper chickadees with imaginative interpretations of chickadee markings!

Who knows what our winter weather holds? Find out how to enjoy the outdoors next month when we explore evergreens, both outdoors and indoors. Young scientists will touch, smell, compare and contrast, and use microscopes to enhance their discoveries about trees that keep their leaves year-round. Join us on Sunday, January 20!

Child doing bird papercraft
Child making papercraft bird
Children and storywalk sign

From “free” to “friend”…

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