1.  Rays of sunshine will appear.

2.  Mountain witch alder is in peak flower and extremely fragrant (Fothergilla major 23195*A). Note, these flowers lack petals – you are mostly looking at pollen-producing stamens.

3.  Young catalpa leaves are still deep red and emerging from their winter buds (Catalpa fargesii 394-2009*B).

4.  Nikko fir pollen cones are yellow – tap them for a cloud of pollen (Abies homolepis var. homolepis 22767*A).

5.  Morioka weeping katsura by Dawson Pond with iridescent green of young leaves (Cercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Morioka Weeping’ 134-98*B).

6.  World’s finest maple collection in bloom or early fruit (Acer cissifolium 216-2008*A).

7.  Pinkshell azaleas are at their peak of color intensity (Rhododendron vaseyi 1355-85*A). Royal azaleas (Rhododendron schlippenbachii) on Chinese Path are magnificent.

8.  Quinces in flower in the Bradley Rosaceous Collection (Chaenomeles x superba ‘Crimson Beauty’ 733-82*A).

9.  The rosy dipelta is fragrant (Dipelta floribunda 160-80*B).

10. Ants are all over the young flowers of the wheel tree (Trochodendron aralioides 332-2001*B) on Chinese Path.

11. The Sargent crabapple in the Explorers Garden on Bussey Hill has more flowers than can possibly be imagined (Malus sargentii 286-89*B).

12. The viburnum collection is dazzling, and some are worth a smell (Viburnum carlesii ‘Aurora’ 2163-65*A).

13. The only four-petaled member of the rose family (sometimes called jet bead for its fruits) is in bloom (Rhodotypos scandens 680-79*MASS).