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1927 Map of the Arboretum

Everyday Nature Tasks: Simple Activities For Outdoor Fun and Learning

Grandmother and child at tree
Children love exploring nature through their senses.

Nature can be a powerful antidote to all the uncertainty and disruptions that we find ourselves living in at the moment. Children especially can find comfort in activities  that mirror the normal routines of school or daycare. For example, plenty of free play time outdoors is like having recess, and doing tasks, observations, and projects in the outdoors is like having science or center time in the classroom.

We have put together daily nature tasks that are simple, varied, and open-ended enough that children of all ages can participate at their own level. Please feel free to share this page with everyone you know, and use hashtags #GetOutside, #EverydayNatureTasks and #OutdoorLearning to share your discoveries on social media!

The daily calendar has been suspended during the winter months. Check back March 1, 2021 for a new season of nature tasks!

Get outside everyday and let the healing power of the natural world work its magic!