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1927 Map of the Arboretum

Roslindale Gateway Path Project

Sketch of elevated boardwalk
Sketch of Roslindale Gateway Path Phase Two

The Roslindale Gateway Path project represents a bold vision to expand access to green space and alternative transportation options for residents of Boston and beyond. Improving carbon-free transportation and green space equity for the city of Boston.

The Roslindale Gateway Path is a proposed ADA-accessible shared-use pedestrian and cycling path through the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. This project aims to extend the Southwest Corridor path system from Forest Hills bus, subway, and Commuter Rail terminus to Roslindale Village Commuter Rail Station, providing carbon-free commuting options and connecting Boston residents with the natural environment close to where they live.

In addition to proposed path connections, the Roslindale Gateway Path will establish two new entrances to the Arnold Arboretum, providing safe and welcoming access to a key link in Boston’s  Emerald Necklace system of parks  for thousands of Roslindale residents.

As global temperatures rise, fossil-free transportation and green-space equity are critical public health issues, especially for those living in dense urban settings. The Roslindale Gateway Path project represents a collaborative, community-driven initiative to improve the quality of life for Boston residents and promote access to a world-class destination for thousands of visitors each year.

In the summer of 2023 the City of Boston will begin work on Phase One of the Roslindale Gateway Path. The first phase of the Roslindale Gateway Path creates a new entrance at the end of Arboretum Road and a pathway connection to Blackwell Footpath through Bussey Brook Meadow. The new entrance will make use of a Commuter Rail underpass at the end of Arboretum Road, restoring the portal to it’s former glory and creating a safe, ADA-accessible entrance.

Project Partners

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Phase One: Arboretum Road Entrance and Green Link Path

Artists rendering of renovated Arboretum Road Entrance
Arboretum Road Entrance Rendering Horsley Witten Group, 2019

Phase One will also establish a new shared-use pathway through Bussey Brook Meadow, connecting the Arboretum Road entrance with Blackwell Footpath and South Street Gate.

Once complete, Phase One will open access to the northern portion of the Arboretum for thousands of Roslindale residents entering at Arboretum Road.

Phase One Project Updates:

  • Construction starts June 2023

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