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1927 Map of the Arboretum

Weld Hill Field Lab

Suzanne Gerttula, research assistant with Andrew Groover, sits on a transport cart with equipment including pole pruners and liquid nitrogen to study a sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) tree. Andrew Groover

The field lab at Weld Hill is well equipped for where ever the experiments take you, whether out in the collections or in the labs. Registered users of the facilities may login to Booked to reserve equipment.

PP systems CIRAS-2

Portable Photosynthesis System with Chlorophyll Fluorescence Module and PLC6 leaf cuvette

Walz Mini-PAM II

Portable PAM Chlorophyll fluorometer to measure photosynthesis yield


Portable chlorophyll meter

Plant Water Status Console


Tenney Temperature Test Chamber

Programmable oven

Shel Lab Forced Air Oven

Drying oven with forced air. Temperature range from ambient to 260°C

Binder Oven

Drying and heating oven with natural convection. Temperature range is 5C above room temperature to 300C


Circulating Chiller

Circulating water bath with a temperature range of -25C to 100C

Field Tools

Various tools for field work including pole pruners, pole saws, loppers, a garden cart, orchard ladders and a golf cart

Digital Micrometer

Shimpo Digital Force Gauge

Field Microscope

Battery powered, compound microscope for field work

Eppendorf 5414D Centrifuge