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1927 Map of the Arboretum

Hemlock Hill Directions and Accessibility Information

Map of Hemlock Hill
Map of Hemlock Hill. Click to enlarge.


Hemlock Hill is bounded on the south by Bussey Street and on the east by South Street. To explore the northern portion of Hemlock Hill, enter the Arboretum through the South Street Gate and approach Hemlock Hill on the left side of Hemlock Hill Road. The western side of Hemlock Hill is located less than five minutes from the Bussey Street Gate or the Walter Street Gate. If driving, park along Bussey Street or in front of the South Street Gate.


Hemlock Hill has the third highest elevation at the Arboretum. It is not wheelchair accessible. Use caution; the terrain is rugged and may be muddy. From Rhododendron Path, a small wooden bridge crosses Bussey Brook and leads to a dirt path that circles the base of Hemlock Hill parallel to South Street. A wide gravel path leads from Hemlock Hill Road about halfway to the top, and numerous unmaintained dirt paths traverse the hillside.


An information kiosk at the Bussey Street Gate provides seasonal updates. Map tables at the Bussey Street Gate, the South Street Gate, and the intersection of Valley Road and Hemlock Hill Road provide Arboretum wayfinding information.

How long should I explore?

Allow approximately fifteen minutes to hike from the wooden bridge around the base of Hemlock Hill. Walking the wide gravel path to the top of the hill may take approximately twenty minutes. Plan to spend up to one hour if exploring the hill’s many small paths.

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