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Richard Pagett

After graduate studies at Harvard and several years abroad with CARE, I returned to work at Harvard in 1978, retiring in 2003. The bulk of that time was spent working on various projects around the world with the Harvard Institute for International Development, but I also served as Director of Research Administration for two years and then until my retirement as Special Assistant to the Provost. In this capacity I worked primarily on organizational issues at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies, the Center for International Development at KSG, and the Graduate School of Education. I was also part of the group that worked on the Arboretum’s strategic plan in 2001. Since formally retiring, I’ve undertaken a number of consulting assignments for the University, most recently as Interim Managing Director at the Arboretum between Bob Cook‘s retirement in December 2009 and Ned Friedman‘s arrival in January 2011. I continue to act as an informal advisor to Arboretum staff and enjoy being able to give both solicited and unsolicited advice.