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Pamela Templer

I am a Professor in the Department of Biology at Boston University and conduct some of my research at the Arnold Arboretum. Our lab focuses on the effects of environmental change, including air pollution, climate change, land use change, and urbanization on forest ecosystems. We explore how environmental changes affect the role of plant-microbial interactions in nitrogen retention, water quality, forest productivity and carbon exchange within natural and managed ecosystems. We currently work in temperate forests of the northeastern United States, redwood forests of California, and tropical forests of Mexico and Puerto Rico, as well as urban ecosystems of Boston, MA.

Additional information about Pamela and her lab can be found here:


PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Cornell University
BA, Biology and Environmental Studies
University of California Santa Cruz

Recent Publications

  • Templer PH,  JW Toll**, LR Hutyra, and SM Raciti. 2015. Nitrogen and carbon export from urban areas through removal and export of litterfall. Environmental Pollution, in press.

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  • Campbell J, AM Socci and PH Templer. 2014. Increased nitrogen leaching following soil freezing is due to decreased root uptake in a northern hardwood forest. Global Change Biology 20:2663-2673.

  • Rao P, LR Hutyra, SM Raciti, and PH Templer. 2014. Atmospheric nitrogen inputs and losses along an urbanization gradient from Boston to Harvard Forest, MA. Biogeochemistry121:229-245.

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