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1300 Centre Street
Boston, MA 02130


aye M Rosin, Director of Research Facilitation, Arnold Arboretum.

My research interests focus on understanding how gene expression is regulated and the consequences of that regulation at the molecular, cellular, and developmental levels. My research at Iowa State University and at Plant Research International in the Netherlands concentrated on transcription factors and their role in developmental processes by the mediation of hormone or metabolite levels. Changes in the concentration or location of these transcription factors altered the initiation and development of the potato tuber and maturation of the tomato fruit. Next, I focused on the role the cell plays in the regulation of gene expression. Using a collection of plants with fluorescently tagged chromosome regions, we found that the physical location of the gene within the nucleus directly affected the expression of the gene. While a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, I turned my attention to the evolution of floral development. Rather than examining individual genes, I tracked thousands of genes to see how the transcriptional program of an entire organ has been modified to direct three key innovations in columbine flower development. My research has intensified my interest in the complex interactions controlling gene expression and their developmental consequences. Rather than simply turning a gene on or off, transcription factors, small RNAs, chromatin modifications, and nuclear architecture all interact to ensure a gene is expressed at the proper time and place, and that, consequently, the organism develops properly.


PhD, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Iowa State University
BS, Environmental Science and Biotechnology
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Recent Publications

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  • Jovtchev G, Watanabe K, Pecinka A, Rosin FM, Mette MF, et al. 2008. Size and number of tandem repeat arrays can determine somatic homologous pairing of transgene loci mediated by epigenetic modifications in Arabidopsis thaliana nuclei. Chromosoma. 117(3):267–76 (abstract)

  • Schijlen E, de Vos C, Martens S, Jonker H, Rosin F, et al. 2007. RNA interference silencing of chalcone synthase, the first step in the flavonoid biosynthesis pathway, leads to parthenocarpic tomato fruits. Plant Phys. 144(3):1520–30 (abstract)

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