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1300 Centre Street
Boston, MA 02130


Dan Sullivan

I’m a retired molecular biologist, having spent most of the time since my PhD working for various biotech companies, including 10+ years at MJ Research making the best ever thermal cyclers.  At the Arboretum, I’m getting back to my roots (B.S. in Botany, 1966) by evaluating a number of things to facilitate molecular studies of the Arboretum’s collections.  A major part of  my work involves establishing collections of dried newly emerging leaves, which are an excellent source of DNA. The Acer collection is complete and I’m currently wotking on the Betulaceae, Fabceae and some of the Flagship taxa (Stewartia, Tsuga & Carya).  I’m also evaluating a rapid, inexpensive method of preparing PCR-ready DNA from a variety of plant sources, and will be using DNA sequencing to investigate the hybrid status or parentage of some ambiguous accessions.


PhD, Biology
University of Cincinnati
BS, Botany
University of Cincinnati