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1050 Centre Street
Boston, MA0 2130


Chris Copeland

Growing up in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, I spent much of my time exploring nature. Running and hiking through the forests of Massachusetts influenced my decision to pursue a career in the conservation of natural resources. In 2014 I received my Bachelors degree at UMass–Amherst where I studied urban forestry and arboriculture. My internship experiences at the Smith College Botanic Garden and at the Arnold Arboretum introduced me to public gardens and their value around the world.

After leaving college, I felt inspired to work hands-on in a variety of aspects of landscape management. Working hard as a climbing arborist in Boston gave way to a more tranquil chapter on Nantucket Island where I maintained grass tennis courts at the Westmoor Club. As I understood more about land use and management, I returned to UMass Amherst to pursue a graduate degree in sustainable agriculture. I felt that the skills needed to grow plants sustainably would be empowering and leverage my ability to learn more about the needs of endangered, threatened, or otherwise important woody plants.

Each year, our staff is introduced to a myriad of genera and species acquired through seed collection trips both far and domestic. I am thrilled to be a part of our plant production team and continue to learn more each and every day.


MS, Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems
UMass Amherst
BS, Urban Forestry & Arboriculture
UMass Amherst


Certified Arborist, International Society of Arboriculture


Hoisting License
Pesticide Applicator’s License (Core)