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Arnold Arboretum
Jonathan Damery

Jonathan Damery

Former Curatorial Assistant


BS Horticulture/Biology, Illinois State University

Since the first plant accessions went into the ground in 1872, the Arnold Arboretum has been a dynamic treasure trove of the world’s botanical riches. As a curatorial assistant, I work with archival records to ensure the Arboretum’s entire suite of information about its plant collections—both living and historic—is digitally accessible for researchers, staff, and visitors.

I first came to the Arboretum in 2009 to participate in the Isabella Welles Hunnewell Internship Program and returned the following year as a curatorial fellow. During that experience, I worked with other curatorial staff to complete the annual plant inventory and helped collect voucher specimens. I also carried out independent projects including a review of the hickory collection (Carya spp.) and the verification of rose species (Rosa spp.) during the renovation of the Bradley Rosaceous Collection.

In my undergraduate studies, I became especially interested in plant diversity and floristics. Now as a student of the New England flora, I enjoy trekking over the hills and dales with my camera and a well-worn copy of Gleason and Cronquist.

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