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David Boufford

My research interests focus on the vascular plants of temperate to subtropical Asia, their patterns of distribution, and how they relate to the plants of North America. I am on the editorial boards or otherwise involved in several flora projects, including the English language Flora of Japan (1992- ), the Flora of China (1989- ), Flora of Taiwan, Second Edition (1992-2003; wiki), the Flora of Korea (2001- ), the Flora of North America (1983- ), and Flora of Nepal. Locally, Ray Angelo of the New England Botanical Club and I are producing an annotated Atlas of the New England Flora.

I have been doing fieldwork in Asia since 1977 and in China since 1980. Beginning in 1997, Rick Ree (F), Susan Kelley (A), SUN Hang (KUN), YANG Zhuliang (KUN), JIA Yu (PE), and their students and I have been conducting expeditions to collect and survey plants, bryophytes, and fungi in the Hengduan Mountain region in southwestern China, one of the world’s hotspots of biodiversity. The collections made on these expeditions are from unexplored and underexplored regions and complement the collections made in the first half of the twentieth century by Joseph Rock, T. T. Yü, C. W. Wang, R. C. Ching, and others, which are also held in the Harvard University Herbaria.


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