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125 Arborway
Boston, MA 02130


Tiffany Enzenbacher

I was exposed to the world of plants and greenhouses at a young age–my great grandfather started Pesche’s Greenhouse in 1924 in Des Plaines, IL, which continues to be managed by my extended family. Prior to joining the Arnold Arboretum, I interned at the Chicago Botanic Garden in their native plant, home landscape, herb, and aquatic gardens. After graduating with a BS in plant sciences, I worked as the senior grower at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL for five years. I returned to academia in 2009 to pursue a graduate degree in plant pathology to become more proficient in plant disease management. Research experiences following my graduate work include serving in the Department of Plant Pathology at the Pennsylvania State University; working as a research assistant at GardenGenetics LLC, a plant breeding company in central Pennsylvania; and serving as a research technician in the Department of Biology at Boston College.

As the supervisor of plant production, I work alongside the Arboretum’s plant propagator and greenhouse horticultural technologist to produce the next generation of accessions destined for the permanent collections, as well as to ensure the long-term survival of existing lineages through repropagation techniques, including cuttings and grafting. We also share propagules with sister institutions and distribute plant material for research purposes. Additionally, our team works to produce plants for Arboretum events, such as the Member’s Plant Giveaway and Lilac Sunday.

I am most grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the rich history of plant production at the Arnold Arboretum.


MS Plant Pathology
Michigan State University
BS Plant Sciences with Greenhouse Management Concentration
University of Missouri-Columbia


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