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1300 Centre St.
Boston, MA 02131


Flower Sculptures

My career at Harvard started at the Harvard School of Public Health, where I served as an academic assistant to the director of Maternal and Child Health and two HSPH professors. I later worked as an assistant in the Engineering and Construction Department, and at the Harvard Medical School as executive assistant to the director of the Office of Major Projects. When the director retired, I left Harvard for three years and worked in a family law practice and at a human service agency.

One day, while reading the Jamaica Plain Gazette, I saw a job posting for the Arnold Arboretum and the rest is history. I feel lucky to work here, having spent many years admiring the Arboretum as a beautiful place to visit. I support the Director of Operations office as the first point of contact for Administrative requests by coordinating departmental events, managing rental of the Weld Hill Lecture Hall, maintaining calendar reservations for the Dana Greenhouse and Walter Street properties, dispatching all Facility Requests throughout the Arboretum.