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1300 Centre St
Boston, MA 02131


Inaki Hormaza

Research Professor at the IHSM la Mayora

I am a Research Professor at the IHSM la Mayora, a joint Research Institution between the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the University on Malaga, located in Malaga, southern Spain. During my scientific career, I have been involved in numerous national and international research projects focused in studies of genetic diversity, characterization and conservation of germplasm and reproductive biology in subtropical and temperate fruit tree crops. My main current research interests focus on understanding the bottlenecks that limit productivity in fruit tree crops at the reproductive level in a context of climate change as well as to study, conserve and utilize diversity to develop new genotypes resilient to different environmental conditions using molecular and classical breeding tools.


Recent Publications

  • Larranaga N, Zonneveld M, Hormaza JI. 2021. Holocene land and sea‐trade routes explain complex patterns of pre‐Columbian crop dispersion. New Phytologist 229(3):1768–1781.
  • Lora J, Laux T, Hormaza JI. 2019. The role of the integuments in pollen tube guidance in flowering plants. New Phytologist 221(2):1074–1089.
  • van Zonneveld M, Larranaga N, Blonder B, Coradin L, Hormaza JI, Hunter D. 2018. Human diets drive range expansion of megafauna-dispersed fruit species. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 115(13):3326–3331.
  • Lora J, Herrero M, Tucker MR, Hormaza JI. 2017. The transition from somatic to germline identity shows conserved and specialized features during angiosperm evolution. New Phytologist 216(2):495–509.
  • Larranaga N, Albertazzi FJ, Fontecha G, Palmieri M, Rainer H, et al. 2017. A Mesoamerican origin of cherimoya ( Annona cherimola Mill.): Implications for the conservation of plant genetic resources. Molecular Ecology 26(16):4116–4130.



Plant Biology, University of California Davis