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1927 Map of the Arboretum

Virtual Learning

This frog drawing is based on a virtual presentation to students from the Boston Public Mission Hill School. It shows a "boy frog (big eardrum) calling with his mouth and nostrils open." L. Schulman
child drawn frog

The Arboretum offers many opportunities for students and their teachers to continue connecting with nature and learning about natural phenomenon virtually. Read below to find your next adventure!

30-Minute Nature

These are ready-made Google Slides available for download and use with Grades K-5 students. Their purpose is to allow children to notice and observe nature, engage in thoughtful science talk, and discover playful ways to take this learning outdoors. Each slide deck comes with extensive Teacher Notes in the speaker notes section of every slide. Each slide deck provides 30 minutes of nature learning, but inspires a lifetime of nature noticing!

New England fall color is famous!  Learn the why and how of this natural phenomenon, then get outside to collect colorful leaves and create your own dazzling displays.

Colorful juicy fruits are in abundant supply this season, and birds – as well as other animals – are well adapted to take advantage of this bounty. Learn how plants “trick” animals to help disperse their seeds far and wide. 

Acorns are fun to play with even if you are not a squirrel.  Get outside, collect a bucket full, then conduct experiments alongside this set of slides to discover their unique place in ecosystems. 

Plants ensure their species survival by creating and releasing seeds in the fall. Learn about a variety of seed packages and the various ways that wind, water or animals aid in their dispersal. There are many opportunities for students to engage in science and engineering practices with this deck.