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Intricate Beauties: The Lichen Explorations of Natalie Andrew

Lichen Tower Parts, copyright Natalie Andrew
Ceramic shapes with lichen embellishments

Oct 14, 2022 - Feb 12, 2023

A Special Exhibition of Ceramics in the Hunnewell Visitor Center.

Lichen Walk and Art Talk with artist, Natalie Andrew, Sunday, February 12, 1:00-2:30pm

Artist and biologist Natalie Andrew brings her interest in and excitement for all things ephemeral to the Arnold Arboretum in this unique show. Exploring the textures of lichen, she has combined her love of nature with an intriguing portfolio of ceramics, evolving from the useful to abstract. The embellishments cover her artwork’s surfaces with an artist’s eye, thrilling the viewer with color, shape, and intricate designs.

For more information on artist Natalie Andrew, see her website.

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Ceramic shapes with lichen embellishments
Lichen Tower Parts, stoneware, porcelain, glaze, copyright Natalie Andrew

Art, ceramic cubes stacked
Lichen Tower, stoneware, porcelain, glaze, copyright Natalie Andrew

Art, three cube shapes
Selected Lanterns Square, porcelain, underglaze, Copyright Natalie Andrew

Art, tallo ceramic cups with lichen mold
Cups, porcelain, glaze, underglaze, copyright Natalie Andrew