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Arnold Arboretum

Our Jewett Prize Recipients

The Jewett Prize is made possible by the generosity of Prof. James R. Jewett through the James R. Jewett Fund. The Jewett Prize supports researchers studying the biology of flowers and/or fruits.  Preference is given to visiting scholars who plan to utilize the living collection of the Arnold Arboretum.


Ling Guo is a curator at the Beijing Botanic Garden. Utilizing the Arboretum’s Malus collection, she will conduct research to improve the databases and knowledge of ornamental crabapples as a Registration Authority. Her database will focus on the flowers of Malus to improve the understanding of flowering time.


Jorge Lora is a post-doctoral fellow with Professors Iñaki Hormaza and Maria Herrero at Experimental Research Stations of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), Spain. Using members of the Arboretum’s Rosaceae collection, he will compare ovule morphology from the earliest stages to maturity as well as the expression pattern of a gene thought to be important in ovule development.
Berberis gilgiana A post-doctoral fellow in the Kramer Lab in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University, Bharti Sharma is interested in the evolution of petal identity and development. Capitalizing on the tremendous floral diversity found in the barbarry family (Berberidaceae), Dr. Sharma will compare petal development using microscopy and comparative gene expression techniques in Epimedium rubum and Berberis gilgiana.
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