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Arnold Arboretum

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Obtain plant collection summaries.

Grant Expands Access

Accession Card

As part of a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, all historic accession cards, from Abeliophyllum to Zizyphus, have been reviewed and incorporated into BG-BASE, resulting in almost 70,000 new and over 100,000 edited records. In addition, 1,700 map documents (ca. 1937–1988) representing 1,982 locations have been digitized and georeferenced. Search our legacy collections.

Inventory Field Checks

Plant Inventory Operations Manual

This year, curatorial staff will field check collections north of Bussey Hill Road (Region 1) which includes the Bradley Rosaceous Collection, Leventritt Shrub and Vine Garden, Meadow, and Hunnewell Building landscape. Learn more about the Arboretum’s inventory methods and goals by referencing our Plant Inventory Operations Manual (pdf).

Living Collections Searchable Plant Inventory

The Arnold Arboretum’s living collections database, BG-BASE, is online and can be searched by entering one or more words of a scientific or common plant name (omit authorities, cultivar indicators, or intraspecific epithet(s)):

Pinpoint plant collections and explore landscape features with our new interactive map application Collections Researcher. Alternatively, Arboretum Explorer has been optimized for use on mobile devices to map, indentify, and access collection information on Arboretum plants.

Living accessions can be located on the grounds by referencing a grid and directional quadrants within them. For instance, a white ash (Fraxinus americana) specimen is located in grid number 20, quadrant NE. This location, 20-NE, can be matched to a 200-foot-by-300-foot area on the grounds using this grid map.

Locations for plants that fall within named garden locations are abbreviated as follows:

Print location keys:

Additional Searches

The Arboretum periodically provides its collection data to institutions offering the following searches:

Digital Data Resources

Download select datasets and narratives here.

Printed Inventory

An updated, paperbound edition of the living collections inventory was published in February, 2012. It lists alphabetically, by both genus and species, the 3,954 different kinds of plants (excluding nursery holdings) that were growing in the permanent collections of the Arnold Arboretum at that time.

Printed copies are available for $15.00 (includes postage), or digital copies are available for free here (pdf). Please do not order by electronic mail; send your order with payment in U.S. funds to:

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
c/o Manager of Plant Records, Invt. Order
125 Arborway
Boston, MA 02130-3500
United States

Please be advised many of the bed designations in the Explorers Garden (location key above) have changed since the publication of the Inventory of Living Collections 2012. All online resources have been updated to reflect the current location designations assigned to plants in this collection.

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