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Arnold Arboretum

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Arboretum Explorer

Arboretum Explorer launched on Lilac Sunday 2013. With this new mobile web application, you can search for and identify plants, view seasonal highlights, take self-guided tours, link to resources for plant information, and share plants through social media. Bookmark Arboretum Explorer on your phone’s internet browser and tap into a wealth of information on the 15,000 plants in our landscape.

Access Arboretum Explorer!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Let us know what you like about Arboretum Explorer and report any problems by emailing our development team. Please include your mobile device type and the version of your operating system, and for problems please describe in detail the issue you encountered.

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Collection Researcher

Since 2001, the Arboretum has facilitated access to its living collections database through the online inventory. In 2011, the Arboretum introduced Collection Researcher to aid online investigations of Arboretum plants. Developed in collaboration with the Alliance for Public Gardens GIS, Collection Researcher taps into the Arboretum’s dynamic GIS (Geographic Information System) to help users map plants on the grounds, find curatorial data, generate and export plant lists, expand searches to international plant databases, and conduct other analyses. The mobile counterpart of Collections Researcher, the Mobile Interactive Map (MIM), was released on Lilac Sunday 2012.

Before beginning with Collection Researcher desktop version, please read the Getting Started instructions.

Read more about the development and uses of Collection Researcher. For more information about GIS see this article [pdf] in Arnoldia.

The Alliance for Public Gardens GIS
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