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  • New Arbor Dedicated in Bradley Rosaceous Collection
  • Keep Up To Date With Emerging Science
  • Take a Class: Pines, NE Ecology, and Trees in Decline
  • Members Receive Discounts at Participating Nurseries
  • Share Your Love of the Arboretum as an Interpreter
  • Explore the Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection
  • Plant Spotlight on Weld Hill Wildflowers
  • Explorers Garden Cellphone Tour Continues This Fall

  • Keep Up To Date With Emerging Science
    Sargent Fellow Maciej Zwieniecki

    Research plays a pivotal role in the Arnold Arboretum's mission to advance our understanding of plants and their habitats. To help scientists explore broad and important questions about the natural world, the Arboretum offers staff and visiting scientists an array of collections, information resources, and Weld Hill's state-of-the-art labs and plant growing facilities. Visit the Research News page on the Arboretum website to learn about some of the studies currently underway. Concise descriptions of projects link to additional news pages, scientists' laboratory websites, and published papers.

    Take a Class: Pines, NE Ecology, and Trees in Decline
    Conifer Collection

    Make the Arboretum your gateway to a better understanding of New England's plants and environment. Starting July 7, join Ted Elliman of the New England Wild Flower Society for a five-part seminar exploring the diversity of plant communities in New England. In classroom sessions and field trips, you'll learn how to interpret a landscape's ecological identity based on inhabiting plants. On July 12, Harvard Forest Ecologist David Orwig will survey the stresses, pests, and pathogens that send trees into decline in our region, as well as appropriate treatments when applicable. And if you've ever been stuck trying to differentiate between such trees as firs, cedars, larches, and pines, join Garth Holman from the University of Maine for a walk through the Arboretum's remarkable conifer collection on July 31.

    Members Receive Discounts at Participating Nurseries

    Membership contributions help the Arboretum flourish, and our Nursery Discount Program can help you grow a beautiful garden. Through a partnership with our friends in the nursery trade, the Nursery Discount Program enables Arboretum members to save money on plant material and other gardening needs at participating nurseries and mail order suppliers nationwide. See the list on the membership benefits page of our website. If you are interested in having your favorite nursery or garden center added to the list, please email the Membership Office and we will invite them to participate in the program.

    Share Your Love of the Arboretum as an Interpreter
    Arboretum Interpreters

    Expand your knowledge of the Arboretum and share your passion for plants as a volunteer Arboretum Interpreter. You will be trained to conduct casual interactions with visitors, from helping them find their way through the landscape to sharing stories about remarkable plants and Arboretum history. Training sessions begin this September, so apply today!

    Explore the Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection
    Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection

    Most of the dwarfed plants comprising the Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection can also be found, in a more statuesque state, in the Arboretum landscape. On Tuesday, July 19 at 10:30am, Docent Robbie Apfel presents "Bonsai Matching," a theme tour focused on this exceptional collection. Explore the history and culture of bonsai and the Arboretum's relationship with these plants, and compare species as bonsai with their "unrestricted" counterparts in the greater collection. This tour is free, but advance registration is requested.

    Plant Spotlight on Weld Hill Wildflowers
    Weld Hill Wildflowers

    One of the environmentally-progressive features of the Arboretum's new research center at Weld Hill came into flower this season. Senior research scientist Peter Del Tredici created a wildflower mix that provides attractive ground cover over much of the landscape, but requires minimal maintenance and no supplemental watering. Plants chosen for this "cosmopolitan urban meadow" fulfill a number of ecological and aesthetic criteria including erosion control, hardiness and tolerance of adverse conditions, ornamental value, and interactivity with pollinating insects. See the list of plants included in Peter's mix, and view a photo gallery on our website.

    Explorers Garden Cellphone Tour Continues This Fall
    Cell phone tour logo

    For more than a century, the Arboretum has used the microclimate on the southern slope of Bussey Hill to plant species of unknown or marginal hardiness. Since many of these plants were collected on expedition, the area is called the Explorers Garden. Through this fall, enjoy a self-guided cellphone tour of some of the landmark plants that can be found here, from our own native, fall-blooming Franklin tree (Franklinia alatamaha) to China's striking Stewartia sinensis. When you spot the Adventures in the Explorers Garden logo, dial 617.895.4085 and enter the tour stop number to hear more about remarkable plants and the explorers who collected them.

    All images from the Arnold Arboretum Archives.

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    New Arbor Dedicated in Bradley Rosaceous Collection
    Elizabeth Cabot Sluder Rose Arbor

    In June the Arboretum installed and dedicated a new rose arbor in the Bradley Rosaceous Collection. The arbor honors Elizabeth Cabot Sluder, a longtime friend and supporter of the Arboretum, and the daughter of the collection's benefactor and namesake, Eleanor Cabot Bradley. The installation of the arbor caps off a four-year renovation of the collection and its garden landscape, a collaboration between Arboretum staff and landscape designer Julie Moir Messervy. With a graceful design inspired by Messervy and developed by metal artist Peter Andruchow and his company WovenSteel, the arbor supports new accessions of Rosa 'New Dawn' and R. 'Sombreuil'.

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