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Plant Expedition in China Yields New Collections

Ned Friedman Presents Darwin Lecture at HMNH

CTFS To Coordinate Forest Biodiversity Workshops

Plant Spotlight on Lindera erythrocarpa

Creating a Successful Garden from the Ground Up

Free Tours Highlight Bird Edibles and Crabapples

Love Albrecht Howard On Garden Design Careers

Reception Celebrates Environmentally Friendly Art

Ned Friedman Presents Darwin Lecture at HMNH

Ned Friedman

Charles Darwin spent a lifetime studying the big questions of evolutionary biology, and he was baffled by the origin of flowering plants. Recent advances in the fossil record offer clues to understanding what these plants looked like, where they lived, and how they reproduced. Join the Arboretum's newly-appointed director, Ned Friedman, at the Harvard Museum of Natural History (HMNH) on Thursday, November 4 at 6:00pm for an exploration of what Darwin termed "the abominable mystery." This lecture will be held at the Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford Street, Cambridge, and is free and open to the public as part of the Asa Gray Bicentennial Series.

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CTFS To Coordinate Forest Biodiversity Workshops

Center for Tropical Forest Science

Understanding the effects of global change on environments is essential in efforts to diminish its impact on all living things. Partnerships to study changing forest ecosystems are the focus of a five-year National Science Foundation grant awarded to the Center for Tropical Forest Science (CTFS), a joint research program of the Arnold Arboretum and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. CTFS, which manages a global network of temperate and tropical forest research plots, will conduct workshops in the Americas and Asia to investigate how different aspects of diversity affect ecology and tree communities. Findings will shed light on the resiliency of forests to a changing environment, and enable informed predictions about their future.

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Plant Spotlight on Lindera erythrocarpa

Lindera erythrocarpa

Many plants at the Arboretum wait until fall to capture our attention in the landscape. One such species is Lindera erythrocarpa, a member of the spice bush family and a native of China, Korea, and Japan. During the growing season, this shrub or small tree bears dark green, oblong leaves, which are aromatic when crushed. This month, its foliage display of stunning yellows is a showstopper. A dioecious species (male and female flowers on separate plants), L. erythrocarpa displays small yellow flowers in early spring. Female plants bear small red fruits if successfully pollinated. The plant pictured is a 30-year-old accession propagated from seed collected in South Korea. Admire this and other spice bush species along Bussey Hill Road, directly across from the lilac collection.

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Creating a Successful Garden from the Ground Up

Garden Design

Why can it be difficult to realize our garden ideals? No matter how much thinking goes into devising a proper scheme, a successful outcome requires making choices that reflect not only desire but also practicalities. Join designer Tony Bernstein at the Arboretum for a 5-session workshop exploring core design principles: A Garden In Your Mind's Eye. Through coaching and exercises, you'll develop strategies to clarify your vision and develop a cohesive design reflecting your personality and lifestyle.

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Free Tours Highlight Bird Edibles and Crabapples

Malus yunnanensis

As the foliage show wanes in the landscape, this is a great time of year to observe fruiting plants and the wildlife that depend on them. Join Visitor Education Assistant Marc Devokaitis at the Visitor Center on Thursday, November 4 at 10:00am for a birds-eye walking tour. On Saturday, November 6 at 1:00pm, meet Arnoldia Editor Nancy Rose at the Peters Hill Gate for a fruit-focused walk through our extensive collection of crabapple trees (Malus sp.). Both explorations are free, and no registration is required. Don't forget this month also features the final free docent-guided tours of the year.

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Love Albrecht Howard On Garden Design Careers

Love Albrecht Howard

Building success as a garden designer requires understanding the work as a business. Whether you're a practitioner, a new designer, or thinking about entering the field, you might consider the experience and wisdom of landscape designer Love Albrecht Howard. In a humorous and astute talk on November 14, she will explore avenues for acquiring horticultural proficiencies, producing a business plan, determining fee structures, and communicating with clients. Her recently released Timber Press book, So You Want to Be a Garden Designer: How to Get Started, Grow, and Thrive in the Landscape Design Business, will be available for purchase at the event.

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Reception Celebrates Environmentally Friendly Art

Speter Autumn Series (Detail)

Artwork featured in the current Arboretum exhibition by Somerville artist Tova Speter explores the sinuous lines, shapes, and patterns of found wood. Join the artist for a reception in the Hunnewell Building Lecture Hall on Sunday, November 7 from 1:00 to 3:00pm. If wood grain reveals the story of a tree, Environmentally Friendly, on view through December 12, offer a unique and colorful perspective on its interpretation.

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All images from the Arnold Arboretum Archives except Ned Friedman photo by Justin Ide/Harvard Gazette, garden photo courtesy of Tony Bernstein, book jacket courtesy of the author and Timber Press, and exhibition image (detail) courtesy of the artist.

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Plant Expedition in China Yields New Collections

NACPEC 2010 China Expedition

Curator of Living Collections Michael Dosmann collected plants in China this fall as the Arboretum's representative for the North America-China Plant Exploration Consortium (NACPEC). Travelling for three weeks in parts of Shaanxi, Hebei, and Beijing Provinces, Dosmann documented and collected temperate woody plants with Tony Aiello of the Morris Arboretum and Kang Wang of the Beijing Botanic Garden. More than 40 unique seed and herbarium collections were made, including species of ash (Fraxinus) and maple (Acer), a number of which are new to the Arboretum.

Since 1991, members of NACPEC have collaborated to explore China's astounding biodiversity. In recognition of the consortium's forthcoming twentieth anniversary, the current issue of the Arboretum's magazine Arnoldia focuses on its mission, activities, and some of the exceptional plants obtained over the past two decades.

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