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January 2010


Happy New Year!

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SPROUT Program To Assist Pre-School Teachers

Corliss Knapp Engle Remembered With Online Exhibit

Spotlight on Sciadopitys verticillata

Summer in Winter: Paintings by Anthony Apesos

Dan Pearson Summons the Spirit of Design

Help the Arboretum Flourish: Give to the Annual Fund

Winter Blahs? Enjoy a Walk in the Arboretum!

Take a Class: Design Workshop for Home Gardeners

Corliss Knapp Engle Remembered With Online Exhibit


The Arnold Arboretum lost a inspiring champion in late 2009 with the passing of Corliss Knapp Engle. Corliss was a longtime friend, member, and volunteer, and served on both the Director's Advisory Committee and the Visiting Committee. In addition to knowing a great deal about plants, Corliss was a gifted photographer. A selection of her photographs of the Arboretum landscape were featured in a 2006 exhibition, Captured In Time: 1982-1987. To honor Corliss and her many contributions to the work of the Arboretum, these images are now featured in a special online exhibition.

See the online exhibit...

Spotlight on Sciadopitys verticillata


Although the common name of Sciadopitys verticillata may suggest otherwise, the Japanese umbrella pine is not a pine at all. A unique conifer usually classified in its own family, Sciadopitys grows natively only in Japan at high elevations. Its common name and landscape value derive from its long, rubbery needles that radiate out in a whorl like the spokes of an umbrella. This evergreen foliage obscures another attractive feature of the plant: its exfoliating orange-brown bark. A handsome specimen grows adjacent to the front left corner of the Hunnewell Building, and a centenarian stands in the Arboretum's conifer collection.

Umbrella pine is the Tree-of-the-Month in January. Stop by the Visitor Center for more information, including a free activity guide for kids of all ages.

Enjoy more plant highlights in January...

Summer in Winter: Paintings by Anthony Apesos


Enjoy the perfect antidote to cold January days. Summer in Winter: Paintings by Anthony Apesos, on view in the Hunnewell Building beginning January 9, features a diverse array of views of the Arboretum at the height of its verdant glory. From the rugged outcrops of Hemlock Hill to the meadow where a stand of dawn redwoods cluster, the paintings suggest the romantic and lyrical qualities of such landscape artists as George Inness and John Constable. A professor of painting and art history, Apesos has painted in the Arnold Arboretum since he moved to Jamaica Plain nearly 20 years ago.

Check out current and upcoming art shows...

Dan Pearson Summons the Spirit of Design


Renowned as one of the most important and influential landscape designers of our time, Dan Pearson offers a compelling voice on the topics of inspiration and the design process. His work boldly illustrates his reverence for the power and delicacy of nature, and relies on instinctive responses to space. In a lecture on January 19 at Boston's Trinity Church, Dan will discuss the spirit of place as it emerges through geography, history, architecture, and native flora. He'll illustrate how landscapes, both wild and designed, can speak to us, inspire creative interactions, and serve to memorialize and to heal.

Browse more events in January...

Help the Arboretum Flourish: Give to the Annual Fund

AA Winter

For 137 years, the Arnold Arboretum has engaged multiple audiences as one of the world's leading centers for the study of plants. Although it is a part of Boston's Emerald Necklace of public parks and administered by Harvard University, the Arnold Arboretum depends on the generosity of past and present contributors to conduct its world-class research, horticulture, and education programs. Your gift to the Arboretum will help keep us growing in 2010, both in our landscape and in the community.

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Winter Blahs? Enjoy a Walk in the Arboretum!

Meadow Road in winter

No need to let January weather keep you indoors. Refresh yourself with a bit of exercise and enjoy beautiful views of the winter landscape. A brisk 45-minute walk will help you stay healthy and connected to the Arboretum at this time of year. Though the emphasis is on fitness, you'll also gain insight into seasonal highlights, enjoy the scenery, and warm up afterward with a cup of tea or cocoa in the Visitor Center. Join us for a walk on Sunday, January 17 at 1:00pm, and mark your calendar for additional walks on February 21 and March 21.

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Take a Class: Design Workshop for Home Gardeners

Garden Oasis

Explore the importance of line, scale, circulation, unity, and repetition as the organizational components of a cohesive garden. In the Design Workshop for Home Gardeners, a five-session series beginning January 14, designer Christie Dustman will use before-and-after examples of projects she has completed to help you get started. In analyzing your own and your classmates' base plans and needs, you will practice the process of design and then begin to apply principles to develop a workable site plan. Prepare yourself and your garden for new frontiers this growing season.

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All images from the Arnold Arboretum Archives except Apesos exhibition image courtesy of the artist, lecture photograph courtesy of Dan Pearson, and garden design image courtesy of Christie Dustman.

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SPROUT Program To Assist Pre-School Teachers

field study

Our landscape provides a rich environment for learning at all ages, and this spring the Arnold Arboretum will launch SPROUT (Science Preparation Outdoors for Teachers), a new program to enhance preschool learning. Supported by a grant from the Cabot Family Charitable Trust, SPROUT will strengthen the Arboretum's partnership with preschool centers like Head Start by providing specialized training to educators. In workshops led by Arboretum staff and volunteers, SPROUT will help teachers gain confidence in using the Arboretum and other outdoor spaces for enhanced instruction in science, math, and language arts.

Learn more about the children's education program...


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