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Arnold Arboretum

The Meadow, Arnold Arboretum, 1936.
Photograph by Donald Wyman.

The Arboretum Through Time

Historical Landscape Images


Arboretum landscape photographers represented in Harvard’s Visual Information Access system (VIA)

Alexander, John H., 1948-, Propagator
Ames, Oakes, 1874-1950, Superintendant
Ashton, Peter Shaw, 1934-, Director
Bijhouwer, Jan Tijs Peiter, Landscape Architect
Boston Parks Commission
Bruns, Pamela Ann, 1944-, Illustrator
Burch, Ida Hay, 1948-, Herbarium Assistant
Bussewitz, Albert W., 1912-1995, Volunteer Naturalist.
Chvany, Peter. Filmmaker
Connor, Sheila, 1947-, Archivist, Librarian
Coolidge, Charles Allerton, 1858-1936.
Councilman, William Thomas, 1854-1933.
Curtis, Ralph Wright
Dadmun Company
Dawson, William, Son of Arboretum’s First Propagator, Jackson Thornton Dawson
Dirr, Michael Albert, 1944-, Mercer Fellow, Author
Engle, Corliss Knapp, Visiting Committee, Volunteer
Farrington, E.J.
Fordham, Alfred James, 1911-2000, Propagator
Gleason, Herbert Wendell, 1855-1937, Photographer
Grassl, Anton M., Photographer
Gray, Edward S., Volunteer
Greenlaw, A.A.
Hicks Quigley, Jennifer, Plant Records
Howard, Heman, 1908-?, Assistant Horticulturist
Howard, Richard Alden, 1917-2003, Director
Jack, John George, 1861-1949, Assistant Lecturer
King, George R., author of One Hundred Views of American Parks
Koller, Gary Lee, Horticulturist
LeMay, Nancy, Secretary
Liming, O.M.
Lobig, Carl, 1950-1982, Editor, Arnoldia
Marr, Thomas E., Photographer
McFarland, John Horace, 1859-1948. Author, Nurseryman, Publisher
Merryman, Walter R.
Morse, Stanley A.
Palmer, Ernest Jesse, 1875-1962, Plant Collector, Herbarium Assistant
Roca-Garcia, Helen, Editor, Arnoldia
Rehder, Alfred, 1863-1949, Taxonomist
Richardson, Sir Albert Edward, 1880-1964.
Rock, Joseph Francis Charles, 1884-1962, Plant Collector
Root, George W.
Rosenfeld, Mary, Staff Assistant
Ryan, Mary
Sax, Karl J. 1892-1973, Director
Warren, Richard, 1907-1999, Visiting Committee, Volunteer
Weaver, Richard Edwin, 1943-, Horticultural Taxonomist
Wilson, Ernest Henry, 1876-1930, Plant Collector
Wise, Hope Costin, 1955-, Membership
Wyman, Donald, 1903-1993, Horticulturist

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