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1927 Map of the Arboretum

Arnold Arboretum Bus Funding Grants for Boston Educators

Tobin School third graders look for evidence of seed dispersal strategies in the landscape. Maren Wilson
Tobin School third graders look for evidence of seed dispersal strategies in the landscape.

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University – Boston’s Landscape for Learning

A self-guided field trip to the Arnold Arboretum offers students of all ages in the City of Boston the opportunity to:

  • Experience place-based education in the outdoors
  • Introduce or reinforce central concepts from classroom lessons with hands-on/minds-on learning
  • Provide multiple examples and non-examples of such concepts
  • Respond emotionally, cognitively, and physically to a new environment in ways that can enhance, deepen, and transfer learning across disciplines

In order to facilitate such experiences, the Arnold Arboretum is launching a Bus Funding Grant Program to cover transportation costs for self-guided field trips.

Funding is made possible through a generous donation from the Powder Mill Foundation.


Open to educators who work with students in the City of Boston district schools, public charter schools, and parochial schools that are part of the Boston Compact.

Applications must demonstrate the desire and ability to use the natural spaces and landscape of the Arnold Arboretum for meaningful, small group teaching and learning experiences in the areas of science, math, language, social studies, or the arts.


Self-guided trips must take place Monday through Friday during the academic school year.

This program will be in effect from January 2020 through December 2024.

Application forms can be submitted throughout the academic school year (August 25 – June 1) for use during same academic period, on a rolling basis, until the grant cycle runs out.

Teacher Responsibilities

  1. Submit detailed application form. If granted, the application counts as a self-guided registration.
  2. Fill out an evaluation form with photos and/or student work samples after completing the fieldtrip.*

*Failure to comply with this requirement may prevent awardees from receiving future bus funding grants.


One bus can transport up to 70 passengers in preK to grade 2, or 50 passengers in grades 3 to 12, including adult teachers and chaperones.


Contact Ana Maria Caballero at 617-384-9032 for more information.